Final pieces

So now its come to the time where i have to decided about printing and displaying my final pieces. There are a number of ways which i think i could display this project and make it look really cool. here are a few ideas that i have come up with…..

– photo book, large prints, lots of little prints displayed on a wall, post cards, projection onto a wall, business cards, mounted onto board… many choices!

I have decided that i want to keep the displaying of the pictures very simple because i think they are quite interesting photographs and to make it into a complicated exhibition would take focus away from the images themselves.

After a little while thinking about this and looking back through my work i decided that the images on my blog which are bigger look better than the small ones…however i ran into a small problem-the price and timing! If i had enough time and enough money i would print 10 big photographs out, but seeing as there £20.00 and seeing as i’m a poor student it is not possible to print out ten big images. So last week i sent of to have two big copies of two of my favourite images i had made printed. However because i was running on an extremely tight schedule, if they hadn’t been sent of that night they would not have got here by the deadline, i picked the two final big prints before i had a chance to edit my last photo shoot which is a real shame because if i could go back i would have ordered the portraits one out big!

However i wanted display some of my other images as well because i was really pleased with how a lot of them came out, i didn’t just want to display two of them!  So i have decided to create a book full of all the images i have created this term so people will be able to view the two big prints, which will be displayed on a wall, and then they will be able to have a chance to look through a book with all my smaller other a catalogue of images. I also came up with the idea of getting people to write in this book, like what they think of the images ect, in their own handwritting and style….i am yet undecided whether im going to do this yet though.

So overall as my final peices i will have two big prints and a book full of all my images from the picbod module and term!!


~ by hmsteel on March 6, 2012.

4 Responses to “Final pieces”

  1. I do really like these images. The long exposures and the moving around is what really does it for me. There are a lot of photos of you doing this but at no point did I get bored looking at them. Each one has its own individuality and originality which means these photos could never really be mimicked. I don’t think just having a booklet gives these photos justice as I think they should be in more of a full view. My personal favourite is the one with the flapping arms. It really makes me think of wanting to get away from it all but no matter what you do you can’t. The browns added I also feel show the skin in a more natural way than black and white and makes it feel more life like. Also what I saw in the photos was an almost tripping style where it becomes very hard to just focus on one part of the image and your eyes travel all round the picture which makes you spend time on the picture and becomes very thought provoking.

  2. Hi Hazel,

    Loving your final piece, really beautiful.


  3. These are beautiful images, the sepia tone gives them a gentle look, it’s not in your face colour, but it’s not stark black and white either, so it was a really good decision to make them this way. As for the content of the images, I think this is a very interesting way of photographing the body.

  4. It was so neat watching these evolve. Great work.

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