Back in the studio

After my last shoot i decided i wanted to do a few more landscape photographs because i really like the effect of those ones oer the full body smaller ones which were portrait style. Once again i used my self and concentrated on the naked body idea. After the feedback i got from other people about the change from black and white to sepia i have decided to edit all my photographs from this shoot into a sepia tone range because they bring a sense of warmth to photograph which i think they need.

After i had done a few landscape photograph i decided i needed to do something a bit different because i was just producig the same ype of photographs so i decided to close up portrait style one of just the head and shoulders! I really wanted to see if i could capture the face in different positions while still maintaining the ghost like effect of before.

And heres the rest of them from the shoot!………

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overall im really pleased with how they have all come out, now i just need to decide on an awesome way to display my work for the final pieces!





~ by hmsteel on March 3, 2012.

10 Responses to “Back in the studio”

  1. Well done, Hazel! They’re great! 3 and 4 are my favs!

  2. Quality work need to get some big prints for the exhibition

    • thaaanks! yeh i think they will look much better printed out huge!! do u no of any good sites that are fairly cheap to print them out big???

  3. As I already said, I love portraits more. Having a book complimenting 3 big prints is great. Also would like to see portrait ones really huge, because they completely look at me, making me think what’s going on. The actual movement caught me as well. Think sepia colours work better, moreover because of the actual skin tone, which is more sepia than b&w. Again – love the book! Well done, keep up and try develop this idea more.

  4. as you already know, I think this work is amazing. I am so much more drawn to the sepia images, and I am really looking forward to seeing how you decide to display them

  5. Hey im a 3rd year BA photography student reasserting in to other photographers, i got drawn to work work a lot…its beautiful, i also do nude portraits with movement. I was just wondering what you work is about? do you have a concept behind? it or is it just a technique you have discovered and using? =) Grate work! XD

    • hey. thanks for getting in touch and thank you its always nice when someone else appreciates your work haha. When i first started i wanted to create a series of self portraits which portrayed emotion through the posture and movement of the nude body, and as i developed my work it became more about using the specific technique to portray this. Emotion was always something i concentrated on portraying and i think using the long shutter speeds helped this =) hope this helps. X

      • Thank you for getting back in touch this helps a lot Thank You and if you don’t mined me doing so i will be including your work into my research book, i really do like your work its beautiful =) if your interested hers my fb page there not much on there but a few images of what I’m up to at this moment in time =) take care x (hope it works =) )

      • thats ok, yeh thats completly fine šŸ™‚ had a look on your fb page your photographs are beautiful! i especially like the one where you have used the fabric in the photo! its wicked! x

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