black and white or sepia???

So after thinking about how i want my final photographs to look like i have decided to edit them and see if they look better in black and white or sepia

Here are the results…..

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At the moment i really cant decide which i think looks better, so any advice would be really appreciated!!

~ by hmsteel on February 29, 2012.

4 Responses to “black and white or sepia???”

  1. Hi Hazel, Love you pictures, they are really beautiful fluid pieces. Normally for me there is no question and I would plump for black and white, but on my monitor the tonal range isn’t that striking and the piece looks a bit too grey/cold for me. The sepia however adds a real warmth and that’s where I’m putting my vote. Hope this helps?

    • Hi, thanks very much for replying and giving your advice it really helps! Yeh i definitely see what you mean, the sepia ones do bring a lot of warmth to the photo don’t they! Definitely think i’m leaning towards the sepia ones at the moment. Thanks very much for the advice, it helps a lot!!

  2. These images are really stunning and you have done a really good job on them. I think to improve them they should be a lot larger, like huge! Because once you have done that then you would be able to see more detail within them. Gold Star for you Hazel!! 🙂

  3. Hazel i really love these images i think they are my favourits of the whole time at uni that ive seen from anyone. I really do think that some of the images in your book should have more of a stage and should be shown off because though i love the two you’ve printed i dont think they are the strongest i love the one of your leg in the air and some of the portraits. LOVE U xxx

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