improvement ideas…..

So after todays lectures i got a lot of positive feedback from my classmates and lecturers which has really inspired me to get back in the studio and shoot some more photographs. Another massive boost today was that i got positive feed back from outside of the university, another member of picbod, which was awesome! woop woop! However after talking to a lot of people, the general feedback was that the way to make my pictures stronger would be to use a completely nude model because the underwear causes a lot of distraction in the photographs, which i completely agree with. This does pose the problem of getting people to model for me because many people are not very comfortable with being photographed completely nude but i’m sure i can think of a way of getting round this! And if all else fails, i will go back to shooting myself as the model. But anybody wanting to get naked and dance around for the good of photography..hit me up!!

This evening i have however been trying to think of new ideas i can produce using the same style of photgraphy i am using at the moment a few ideas i have come up with are

1. using two people in the fame rather than one

2. using a plain white background instead of a black one

3. using fully clothed models and see if the results produced are very different from the unclothed model

4. Taking the photographs in an outside environment eg. old run down buildings ect rather than in the studio setting

However after today i am extremely motivated to get on with taking a lot more photographs so keep a eye put for lots more photographs to come!!


~ by hmsteel on February 16, 2012.

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