nude and naked continued………

So after producing my ghost like and spiritual nudes last week, i have decided to carry this theme on and try and develop and improve and if all goes well with my ideas produce my final pieces based around this idea. After taking on last weeks comments from my fellow class mates i decided to shoot again. This time though i decided to do it properly. I booked out the studio and got one of my close mates to come and model for me. I used the black background and one of the soft boxes on the lowest brightness setting.  Overal i am extremly happy with the resuts i have produced and think they’re an improvement on last weeks images. The image above is one of my most favourite ones i have produced overall however i’m extremely happy with them all 🙂

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~ by hmsteel on February 15, 2012.

6 Responses to “nude and naked continued………”

  1. I love the first one too! I think it’s really amazing. So many layers of movement, it is quite spiritual I agree, reminds me of the images you made for creative digital practice(?) where you had yourself floating upwards out of your own murdered body. Intense stuff!

  2. These are awesome quality development from the last set you did

  3. great set of images, would it be a good idea to try a fully nude model?

  4. Hazel, these are truly gorgeous! As a totally in awe amateur I would love to know how you captured these… Was it all done in camera or did you superimpose the images afterwards?

    • hey! Thank you very much…its always inspiring to get positive feedback! So thanks very much! In response to your question its all done in camera, using a super long exposure and getting the model to move around slowly to create the ghost like effect 🙂

      • Very impressive and you have really developed the concept too. It’s lovely to see how your images have grown. Looking forward to seeing your final piece!

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