task three…continued

So after our interesting lecture today listening to two fantastic photographers i got inspired to start taking some more photographs. In Gary Schneiders talk with us he explained that his photographs were like spirt photos because he paints the light on people and creates a fantastic and mystical looking light. This got me thinking back to last year when i did a project on spirts leaving the body. That was project that for a while i had wanted to revist and expand on, so i thought why not bring that into our tasks. I decided to branch of from the spirts leaving the body, by just having a very blured and ghost like images of myself moving, by doing this i felt much more comfortable photographing myself because i knew that it would be blurred. By doing this i hoped to create photographs that looked mystical, ghost like and interesting to view.

My first attempt……..

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Overall i am really pleased with my first attempt at shooting these. I am going to continue making more photographs like this and develop it more. As this shoot was very sudden because i had a burst of inspiration i didn’t have a studio setting to do it in so i had to use a pattern background which wasn’t that great. So when i shoot again i plan to do them on a plain background in a studio environment.  However i really like the effect that has been produced and i am definitely going to work on this more.

~ by hmsteel on February 2, 2012.

5 Responses to “task three…continued”

  1. These are really beautiful Hazel, though small on screen and depending on your screen settings they could be a little too dark. Take out a 5D and keep exploring this but with the higher res files and lets see them on a calibrated screen and print one out big.

    Well done. Brilliant.

  2. These shots are amazing Hazel. Definitely my favorite of your picbod work!

  3. These are great images, very ethereal. I like the low contrast, the images would look great life-size!

  4. very cool idea. Initially looks likes smoke but the form and shape of the body is present. so bloody spiritual. 😀

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