First attempt at task 3- nude and naked

After doing a bit of research into nude photography i thought i would give it a shot. I chose to photograph my brother first of all because i wanted to photograph someone i felt comfortable photographing. I chose to focus us in on parts of his body for the first shoot, mainly focusing on his arms and torso. I also decided i was going to shoot in black and white to try and create a more fine art approach to the photographs.

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Overall i am really pleased with my first shoot and am extremely happy with the final results i have produced. However i plan to tray and get at least another couple shoots in before our next task is set.

~ by hmsteel on January 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “First attempt at task 3- nude and naked”

  1. Think about the whole frame – the background isn’t bringing anything to these images – maybe go back and if you want to investigate details then fill the frame with the subject – use a macro lens if necessary or if you’re flashing then pull him away from the wall so the background goes to black.

  2. Like the close-up of the crossed arms the best. I think it has the strongest composition.

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