Research into the nude and naked photography

Research into nude photography….

After browsing the internet for a little while i have discovered that their is many different genres of nude photography, from fine art nudes, erotic fine art and then magazine nudes. And a big debate which keeps catching my attention is when do you cross the line from erotic fine art to pornography. Are nude photos art or is any nude photography actually porn? Is there a big difference or is it personal choice?

For me as a photographer i personally think its a personal choice because as i have found out while doing research into this there are many photographs i would call fine art whereas many friends and family would call pornography.

So lets have a little look into different kinds of nude photography……


Heres just a few of the photographers i found which specialised in nude photography. As you can see just from these few examples theres many different kind of nude photography around from fine art to more erotic types however i think all these show good examples of photography! I  plan to do much more research into this to help me produce my own photographs for task three “nude and naked”.

~ by hmsteel on January 28, 2012.

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