John Coplans

John Coplans

John Coplans is one of the photographers which we have been asked to research into before our next lecture in a weeks time. After browsing through his photographs i can see that he specializes in taking close up black and white photographs of different body parts. His photographs are really interesting to look at because he focuses in on unusual body parts which have a lot of character such as wrinkly hands, nobly knees ect. He also has produced a few collage like photographs, which include lots of photographs of different parts of the body and when they are put next to each other they create the body form which i think are extremely eye catching and interesting.

I particularly like his images of his hands doing different things such as interlacing fingers, laying flat, curled up ect. The way he fills up the frame with the subject draws all your attention to one place and the the fact that he photographs against a white background helps keep your attention solely on the subject.

What really captivates the audience with these pictures and makes then so unusual and interesting to view is that all his photographs are of himself, self portraits of his aging body, from his toes, to his wrinkly knees, to his old aging hands. He however never photographs his face to create a sense of lost identity in the photographs, for people viewing who do not know this is him it could be any other aging male.

However for me its the attention to the small details which really makes these photographs stand out, focusing in on wrinkles, hairs, creases and folds all help create some really eye catching and beautiful photographs to look at.

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~ by hmsteel on January 28, 2012.

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