research for task 2- Nan Goldin

Nan Goldin

For my task two i decided to look into nan goldin because her work is based souly around photographing people who she knows and who she is friends with- her tribe. As a photographer she thinks this is the only way you can capture true emotional and real photographs. This is not the first time i have studied Nan Goldin’s work and i’m pretty sure it wont be the last because i for one think her photographs are very passionate and emotional and i love looking through them.

Nan goldin was born on the 13th of september and is an american photographer. She first started photographing when she was 15 years old and her first photo exhibition was in 1973 which was based on her photographic journey among the cities gay and transexual community. After graduating in 1978 she moved to new york city where she began photographing the post punk, hard drug culture until 1986, this formed her most famous work “ the balled of sexual dependency” This body of work showed drug use, violence, aggressive couples, sexual activities, love, hate as well as autobiographical moments. Nan goldin now lives and works in paris still creating awesome bodies of work.

I think for me and for many others, what really draws you into these photographs are they are so real and true. They’re an insight into a world which many of us have never ventured into so we have a strong interest in looking and studying the photographs she produces. The highly contrasty photographs make the photographs feel more real and add to the drama of the photographs, creating a window like view into these peoples lives. Her work is so intimate and she strongly expresses that she captures these intimate moments so well because she knows these people, what she photographs is her life nothing more, which i for one think this is why she produces such amazing photographs.

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