Research for task 2- Larry Clark

Larry Clark

I started taking photographs for task two and decided i needed to do more research into other photographers who photograph their friends and family- their tribe. So i decided to look into larry clarks work. He relates really well in the task two work we are doing because he began photographing his immediate friends who he hung out with while they used to take drugs and drink. His photographs show a true, gritty reality which people weren’t expecting which is why these photographs are so good.

Larry clark was born on january the 9th in tulsa america. From his teenage years he was always armed with a camera and used to photograph himself and his friends while they used to hang out and inject amphetamines. In 1971 his book tulsa was published which contained the photographs of his teenage years.  In 1983 he published another book called “teenage lust” which captured more photographs from his upbringing- family photos, drug use, teenage sexual activity, drinking ect. He has gone to publish many more bodies of work relating to these same themes and has also produced a few films. His films has raised a lot of controversy with some critics claiming that his films are “obscene”, “exploitive” and “border line child pornography” However not all people think this and he has one many prizes for his films.

Larry clarks photographs shocked many people when they were first published because they showed a world which nobody thought existed in such a quiet small town. As critics state “they exposed the reality of american suburban life at the fringe and shattered long held mythical conventions that drugs and violence were an experience solely indicative of the urban landscape”. The photographs which he took, took you into a world where teenagers were taking drugs, drinking and taking part in many sexual activities which i think interests the viewer and draws you into the photographs because it takes you into a world which you didn’t think you lived in.

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