Task One- Photographing strangers

So when i was first placed with this weekly task i was a bit put off by it because it focused on photographing people you don’t know which takes a lot of guts. Not being a extremely confident person it was very scary approaching strangers and asking if it would be ok to take there photograph. I chose to go to the market place to take the photos because i thought stall holders, who are always dealing with members of the pubic, would be much more willing for their photograph to be taken.

The first person, as you can see was a guy who owns a fruit and veg stall. i approached him and asked if i could take his photograph, which he was extremely willing to do which was great. I spoke to him about what corse i was on and how long he had been working in the market. However as it was an extremely busy stall he didn’t have long to spend with me so i took the opportunity to take my photographs while he was working as well. Overall i am extremely happy with how these photographs have come out.

After taking the first set of photographs i was feeling a bit more confident so decided to approach a few more people, however my confidence was soon knocked again when i got a fair few rejections from people who were not at all happy to have their photograph taken. However i soon found an old lady who owned a clothes stall who was more than happy for me to take her photograph, to the extent she was excited to have it done which was good. We started up a conversation about what i was doing and then she went on to tell me about her grandson who was wanting to get into a photography corse. While we were chatting i took a few photographs which i think came out really well.

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Overall i am really pleased i actually bucked up the courage to go up to a complete and utter stranger and start a conversation with them, with also the added bonus of getting some quite nice images 🙂

~ by hmsteel on January 20, 2012.

3 Responses to “Task One- Photographing strangers”

  1. Well done – great now’s the time to build on it – see if you can collect twenty people in one day and lets look at how your approach and images evolve in such an intense burst of work.

  2. Well done, you! It does take a lot of strength and confidence to shoot in this way.

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