Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus

The next photographer i chose to look into for inspiration for my task on was Diane Arbus. I chose to look into her work because she is a well known photographer who approached unusual subjects who she does not know and photographs portraying style photographers. Her way of photographing these people really interested me because she was able to capture such relaxed photographs of these people who she had only met briefly which is what i wanted my photographs to look like when i take them

Diane Arbus was born into a fairly wealthy jewish family in 1923. She married Allen Arbus who was working as a fashion photographer, in which Diane Arbus soon became his assistant. After a little while Diane Arbus soon started producing photographs herself and when the photographs were published it consisted of both their photographs. By the early 60s she was taking photographs for the likes of magazines such as “Esquire” and “Harper’s Bazaar”. She continued to produce some fantastic pieces of work until 1971, at the age of 48 she committed suicide.

Her photographs are so eye catching raw they really draw the viewer in. Some people say there a kind of mocking feel to the photographs because her main subjects were “freaks”. However having a look through her work i don’t think this is the case, i think she produced these photos to show that every one is equal no matter what you look like, and for me this is why these photographs are so inciting and enjoyably to look at.

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~ by hmsteel on January 19, 2012.

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