Chris Steele Perkins

Chris Steel Perkins

i decided to have a look into Chris Steele Perkins works for the task one brief which was to do with photographing strangers and entering their personal space to produce close up portraits. I began looking through his work and was interested to see that he produces very close and personal photographs of people he has never met before.

Chris Steele Perkins is a photographer who mainly works in london. He first stared working as a freelance photographer before his first foreign work in 1972 in bangladesh, following this came many paid travel assignments. In 1979 his first book was published and soon after he became a member of magnum photographers. He is now working a lot in japan and england.

His series “comfort women” i think really relates to this task because he is photographing women who have a terrible and sometimes upsetting story behind them, and he has to capture this in a single frame. His photographs are very eye catching because he fills up the frame with their face so a very close up portrait, capturing every detail of their face which i personally think creates beautiful photographs. What also makes these photographs so emotional and personal is that with each photograph, it has its own story of what the women went through so you can truly feel what this series is about.

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~ by hmsteel on January 19, 2012.

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