Baby Oil and Ice- book review

Baby oil and ice exhibits beautifully high saturated and eye catching photographs taken by Julie Cook and Sarah Ainslie of the the underground and unkown world of the pub striptease scene in londons east end. The book offers a unique and interesting oppertunity to have look into the this world and understand what people think and feel as they vist these places. This book goes against the norm and relays the unedited and unchanged voices of the the strippers and managers, letting you produce your own opinion and not just go along with the views of the ever so stereotypical society.

The highly saturated and contrasty, colourful photographs portray the certain vibe and feel of the strip clubs and produce a window like effect where you actually feel you are looking in on what is happening. Even though some of the pictures are highly graphical and invading, you never feel uncomfortable or awkard when viewing them because as a viewer you can tell that there was a bond between the photographer and the subject which portrays out through the photographs which allows you to view these photographs with ease and interest.

What really makes this book stand out from other photgraphic books is that there is a large amount of text which accompines the photgraphs. These texts come first hand from the  strippers, managers and the customers, each portraying a different view of the underground strip scene.  A a veiwer this gives you more of and insight into how these people feel about what they are doing, their lives and personality, which helps you draw a conclusion of how you percieve the people in the photgraphs. By having this first hand veiw of ther lives it makes you feel like you know the poeple you are veiwing which allows you to viwe the photgraphs in a whole different kind of way.

-a text from the baby oil and ice- (an employee working as a stripper)

Professionally speaking i lead a life that millions would envy, if they understood that it’s possible to flaunt your vanity whilst holding firmly onto your sanity. (which at times can be quite tough when your parading in the buff and some intellect yells “show us your tits” cause you want to smash his face to bits.) But instead, you smile once more, as if you’ve not heard that before; you let him think he’s really funny and then he gives you lots more money which contributes to your untold bills, and also pays for meals, and thrills of going to strange exotic shares where everything you want is yours. So for many reasons, i declare it, that im am proud to grin and bare it”

-A text from baby oil and ice- (an employee working as a stripper)

seedy light 

tits out, stomach in, bum out

here we go again 

nouther night under the seedy light 

lets see now….what rude bastartds do we have in

wonder how many perverts are within 

 you sometimes wonder whilst on stage is it cheap and dirty wiggling my bits 

“no” dont be silly 

their the ones playing with thier dicks

Overall i think this is a fantastic photo book because not only does it exhibit some beautiful, interesting and eye catching photographs but also allows the to viewer enter the london strip club scene and to learn about the people and the places while feeling comfortable and interested.

~ by hmsteel on January 19, 2012.

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