Task Two Evaluation


Overall this second project has been very stressful and confusing, seeing as we were unsure as to when we were allowed to get the scarves and at one stage we were even unsure if we were even going to get them back to photograph. After this issue had been sorted out we only really had a week to photograph, so its been very stressful in trying to get in all done in time however i am fairly pleased with my final images i produced.

However after all the confusion, i was still unsure as to when we had to pick up our scarfs so i decided to use one of my own scarves. I chose a african tribal scarf because the pattern on it was beautiful. I started researching all the things linked with african tribes and decided i wanted to somehow link my scarf with fire, this i thought linked into my theme and matched really well with my orange colored scarf. However what really confused me with this project was finding a way of exhibiting the scarfs creatively and which was interesting but without using models, this left me stumped for ideas for quite a while.  However in the end i decided to do fire light trails around my scarf. I started experimenting with different things which created fire for example matches, lighter, gill lighters. After experimenting with lots of different things i decided the lighters and grill lighter produced the best trails. After doing a few photos i noticed that where my arm was going it was leaving a blurry trail behind it which i wasn’t expecting but really liked. I thought it produced a really ghostly and eerie feel to the photographs which was really cool. 

I decided to produce a set of 4 images in the end, all with different light trails. What i really like about my final 4 images is that the colours are so striking and eye catching and hopefully people will be interested to look at them. If i was to exhibit them i would print them really huge so it you would have to stand back to view them because i think this would really show the colours of well. 

Overall shooting a fashion shoot without the use of models was really hard for me mainly because i could not get past the ideas of the standard fashion shoot, so could not think of an idea which would exhibit the scarves as well as being really creative and interesting. However after i got past my mind block and chose my idea things started to actually work quite well and i am really pleased with my final 4 images.        

~ by hmsteel on December 1, 2011.

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