shoot 3

Shoot three with my third fashion student did not happen. Over the past week i have not been in university because i have been very unwell however i had been communicating with the other two fashion students in my group via Emil and tx to make sure i knew what they wanted. The problem i had with my third student was that she never gave me her details so i could not get hold of her however i spoke to the other two students in my group and they explained to me what she wanted. We arranged the shoot for Wednesday, which i had confirmation from two of my students and they let her know when we were doing the shoot. She was supposed to be modelling for one of my other girls as well so i knew that she knew we were doing the shoot and she was up for it. I got confirmation of the other students from her. However Wednesday came and she never showed up bailing out on all the group leaving us in a bit of sticky situation because it meant i was one shoot down and my other fashion student had to get a replacement model at the last moment. That evening i managed to finally get hold of her and try and arrange a time of Thursday where we could do her shoot however she informed me that because she hadn’t sorted out any models and she was becuase  s just going to use her friends model and get her mates photographer to photograph her scarf. I informed her that i was willing to do her shoot and that i wanted toowe were supposed to be working in a group together however she insisted she was going to use another photographer. In the end i gave up and just let her use another photographer however i was extremely annoyed that she had abandoned our group and left me in an awkward situation

~ by hmsteel on November 11, 2011.

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