fashion project evaluation

Overall this has been a very challenging project for me for a number of reasons. First of all it was very daunting doing a fashion shoot because that is not something i have done or would chose to do so i felt a bit out of my depth however i just decided i needed to get stuck in and try and produce something im proud of. The second reason i found this first task very challenging was because we were working in groups this creates a number of problems because your having to rely on so many other people where as i prefer to on my own so i have everything planned out in my head and if something goes wrong its solely my fault and i cant blame anyone else. I also ha big problems with one of my students deciding to choose a another photographer at the last minute and ditching me, meaning i had one less shoot than i hoped.

However overall i  am very pleased with my final shots and my fashion students who i did actually work with turned out to extremely helpful in letting me know what they had in mind and in the end i think i produced photographs which both me and the other students were proud off which is what i set out to achieve. If i as to do this shoot again i would research more into photographers in the style which they wanted and i would do more than one shoot for each girl so we had tons of photographs to choose fro however overall i am very pleased.

~ by hmsteel on November 11, 2011.

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