shoot 2- emma’s shoot

So when i got chatting to emma, she told me she had based her scarf of the Missouri pattern. When she first told me about this i didn’t really know what this was so i researched into it and found out it was like the tribal pattern in New Zealand. So, for her shoot we decided to do it on the bridge by the transport museum so as to create a quite urban and grungy feel to the photo, which i no isn’t based on the Missouri tribes but we decided this because we thought it was the best way to show of the scarf.  She wanted a mixture of head shots and body shots so when i was photographing i made sure we had a big mix of the.  For this shoot we kept the make up extremly simple, using foundation to create a fairly pale face and popping the eyes by using a dark eye liner.

For her editing she was a bit unsure as to what she wanted as well, so i decided to do a lot of them in black and white to keep in the theme of being fairly grungy and dark looking, however i also included a few colour one because the model we used had these really bright blue eyes which really popped out in the photographs so i wanted to do a few colour ones to show this.

~ by hmsteel on November 10, 2011.

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