shoot 1- Sarah’s shoot

Over the past week i have been talking about what themes the girls in my group want to do. First of all i spoke to sarah about what she had in mind for the shoot and how she wanted it edited. Her scarf was based around being fairly vintage and she wanted the photos to have a vintage feel to them. So we decided that a good location for a vintage shoot would be in the old part of the cathedral by one of the broken walls. she wanted the make up to be fairly simple, however wanted the eyes to pop out in the photographs. She specifically asked for mainly head shots, focusing on the make up of the model as well as the scarf. For the shoot she brought along a lot of  jewellery and a small clock on a chain which she wanted to be a main part of the photograph. To get all these elements in we decided to have the model start of holding all the accessories near her face so we could concentrate getting the head shots in. After a while we decided we had got enough shots in the cathedral and decided to try out a new location. We went to a small garden by the transport museum where there is a really old fashioned wall which we decided would be our background, for this second location she asked me to do a few full length body shots as well which i did.

We then discussed how she wanted the photos to be edited. Overall, because sarah didn’t have a clear idea of what she definitely wanted for the final photograph we decided to do a mixture of sepia tone photographs and low contrast colour photographs, and then look at the results and pick the final image from the group.

~ by hmsteel on November 10, 2011.

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