prom- summer shoot

Over the summer one or my work colleges mentioned to me that her daughter had her prom coming up and really wanted to have some photographs taken of her in her dress however couldn’t afford professional rates. This was when she asked if i would possibly take some photographs of her daughter. She didnt have ay specific idea of the photgraphs she wanted just some simple one of her and her daughters boyfriend when they arrived at the prom. 

I jumped on the chance to take on this challenge because it would give me some experience in working in a busy environment and not having much time so i would have to work fast to get some nice shots. 

When i got there it was a very busy environment with people coming and going constantly which proved to be a difficulty. One other problem i was faced with was the only space to take the photographs was in the car park, and it was a very very bright and sunny which proved a problem when taking the photographs because i couldn’t really find a very nicely lit place.

However, after a bit of editing in photoshop i was actually fairly pleased with the final photographs i produced and my work colleague was very pleased with the photographs i printed her out.  These are the ones she wanted printed out.. 

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The two which i thought printed out the best were

~ by hmsteel on October 5, 2011.

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