Jason Swain

Jason Swain 

Jason swain is a photographer based in the isle of white which is on England’s south coast. He specializes in fine art landscapes and action photography. 

This is what he had to say about his start/ career in photography…

“My relationship with photography began at a young age, i’ve used cameras for as long as i can remember, it started out as a way of capturing and composing ideas for my paintings using traditional media (Oil & Watercolour landscapes) and as inspirations for my graphic design ideas. Slowly over the years, it grew on me as an art form in its own right, i loved the immediacy and energy of the medium, and it was a series of shots taken on my travels in Peru that I first felt were interesting enough to stand on their own to be viewed as ‘Art’. After traveling the world extensively, I settled on the Island in the 90’s, immersing myself in the wild and beautiful coastline of the west wight. It’s the meeting of land and sea along that coast, and the activity that flourishes in the small places between them, that provides my daily inspiration. The ever changing weather and light creates endless creative possibilities for land & seascapes, as well as being the setting for my love affair with surfing. It was always my favorite subject with paint & brushes and now its my favourite place with camera & surfboard. 

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~ by hmsteel on October 2, 2011.

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