First shoot

First shoot

I had just finished being in the water myself and knowing that the waves were pretty clean that day and the weather was nice i decided to go out and have a go at doing my first shoot. During this shoot i ran in many different problems the first and major one was not being able to get in close enough/ not having a big enough zoom on my camera. So at the time of taking the photographs i was a bit disappointed because i thought i didn’t really capture enough detail in the photographs to really show the beauty of the sport. However when i finished the shoot loaded them onto my laptop and started editing them i became much happier with the final results and for a first shoot i was extremely happy. One thing i was concentrating alot on when taking these photographs was capturing that one moment in pure, crisp focus and having no motion blur and proper capturing the spray of the waves and i hope this came across in my photographs. 

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~ by hmsteel on October 2, 2011.

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