2nd summer project

Second Project 

For my second project i have decided to look back at my final project last year when i concentrated on documentary photography. During that project i studied photographers like Matin Parr, Tom Wood and James Wakefeild. I concentrated on large gatherings of people and the interactions of strangers thrown together in a confined space.  Over the summer i had the opportunity to attend one of the uks biggest music festival- glastonbury festival. Because i had this opportunity i decided to expand my last project and shoot documentary style photography at the festival because this fitted in with my project. 

I wanted to try to capture interactions between complete and utter strangers, who all have one thing in common- the fact that they came to the festival. This turned out to provide extremely different photographs from my previous project because the atmosphere in a festival situation is so much more relaxed and happy compared to a sporting event. 

One thing i did notice while i was taking these photographs was that the colours were so much more bright and vivid, so to evolve and expand from last time i decided to, instead of having the photographs as sepia, to enhance the natural colours of the photographs and make them very bright and contrasty.

I have decided to look more in depth in to some other documentary/ photojournalism photographers to try and gain some knowledge about how different people shoot documentary photography. 

~ by hmsteel on October 2, 2011.

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