calendar work

Over the holiday i have been doing a number of shoots and projects for people. The first one i did was i got asked by my friend to create a calendar for her so she could use it as a birthday present for a good mate of hers. This was a big thing for me because it was the first paid work i have done. Just over a year ago i went on a trip of a life time to a few different places in africa, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and zambia, for just over a month. While i was there i concentrated on taking photographs of the different climates and landscapes in each different area. I was extremely happy with the photographs i managed to get as i thought they were not only beautiful but extremely interesting and shows you what the different environments out there are like. 

We got talking about how she wanted to create a calendar of landscapes, while were chatting she mentioned her friend had just come back from africa and i offered to use the photographs that i had taken while i was out in africa and put them into a calendar for her.

This was the calendar i produced for her….  

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Overall i was extremely pleased at how this calendar came out, the colours really popped out when they were printed which made the photos  evan more eye catching. However i was still a bit worried at what my friend who was also my first paying customer thought of them. I am pleased to say though she was really pleased with the end result.

~ by hmsteel on September 21, 2011.

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