So overall this module has been my hardest to get going, just because i felt that the brief and time span hindered my development and creative ideas a lot. For about a week after the brief i had no ideas what so ever, and this really got me into a bit of a state because when you only have like 5 week to complete a whole project a week is a lot to miss out doing no work.

Also i found the pinhole camera tasks at the begging very challenging and pretty time wasting when i could have been getting along with my final project however i am pretty glad i stuck with it while we had to, to at least get a few good results. However i don’t think i will be revisiting the pinhole any time soon.

So after a lot of brain storming i came to the conclusion i was going to do a documentary project of all the people i meet and see in my day. I came to this idea after trying to more fashion and staged shots and hating the results. So my final idea was to photograph everyone i saw while out in my day. They could be meeting people themselves, waiting for others, just walking or in a massive crowd. I chose to do this because in the 5 weeks i had to do this project i had plenty of opportunities to capture and take photographs.  

overall i am fairly pleased with my final images, the choice to turn the finals into a sepia tone i personally think was a good one because the colours were very distracting to the photo.     

I am most pleased with the set of photographs i got from the twickenham rugby because they captured more emotion and vibrancy than just the ones around coventry. I think this was because it was a big event and everyone was excited and they really didn’t mind/ care about being photographed.

Overall if i was to do this project again i would make sure i was going to more big events because the atmosphere is so much better and this really shows in the photographs. Also i think this is a project that you really need a long time span to do if you really want to document the lives of people, so over the summer i might continue this project but back which will create some uniquely and very different set of photographs      

~ by hmsteel on June 6, 2011.

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