document a meeting….. ideas

At the moment i am not sure what direction i want to take with my document a meeting breif. I cant decide wether to go down the fashion route, or the more obvious documentry route.


  1. *between clothes and an empty space
  2. Between colours and how they make people feel
  3. between 2 people staged
  4. Between people and places
  5. A meeting between two opposites
  6. Between water and cloths


  1. Between people emotions
  2. a sports meeting
  3. a festival
  4. Group of friends meeting up
  5. Documenting my day
  6. A religious gathering
  7. People in the street meeting
  8. An office meeting
  9. Families in restaurants
  10. A family reunion
  11. A gathering of youths
  12. The people i meet and see in my day

After considering all these options im pretty sure i want to go down the diocumentry route mainly because i think i think it will better and more easy to produce a good project which links int the theme of documenting a meeting

~ by hmsteel on June 5, 2011.

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