Tom Wood “photie man” book review

Tom Wood photie man book review

Tom wood lived and worked in mersyside between 1978 and 2003. During these years he took on a number of projects documenting the life that happened around there. His most well known projects included bus odesy, people, all zones off peek and looking for love. His book “photie man” includes photographs from all these projects creating an interesting photo and creative photo book.  

He mainly works in portraiture, capturing the lives of the people that live all around him. Many of his photos show relationships-  friendship, family bonds, lovers, brothers and sisters, enemies all showing and portraying emotion to the viewer. His earliest portraits were taken in black and white, these are often coupled with one of his more earlier photographs in the book letting the viewer flow through the book easily.

I like the fact that the pictures were obviously taken with the subject knowing they were being photographed creating some great photos of people really engaging with the camera. For tom wood there was no hiding what he was doing, he didn’t hide his camera or anything which is what gave him the nick name from the locals as “photie man” which is where the title of the book comes from.

Overall i think this is a very interesting photo book because it contains photographs from 5 main projects meaning the photos never get boring. It gives a real and blunt insight into the lives of people that lived in mersyside and i think that it is a very good portrayal of documentary photography.  

~ by hmsteel on May 25, 2011.

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