Elinor carrucci

Elinor Carrucci is the photographer that set the task on picbod which i have chosen to do. So before i started with my own task i wanted to research into elinor carrucci and the work she does herself. 

Elinor Carrucci was born on June 11th 1971 and is an Israel American photographer. She was born in Jerusalem where she served in the israeli army for two years, however she then moved on and became a member of the faculty in photography at the school of visual arts and design in 1995. 

She has spent her photographic career recording the intimate moments of three generations of her family. No area or space of her home life is off limits to her which i find truly fascinating and engaging. Her photographs she produces are very intimate and quite personal at times. When you look at her photographs you feel like you are stepping into her home life and you can feel and sense the emotions and feelings going on around you.  These images, as revealing as they are, complete with nudity, raw human relationships and buckets full of emotion allow the viewer to personally step into the life of her and her family. 

While going through her photographs i have been thinking about the task she has set on picbod which i am going to try and do. I have decided i want to try and create a narrative where the viewer to my photographs are let personally into my routine and life. I have decided to shoot in black and white because i don’t want the surrounding colours to distract the viewers from the photographs i am planning on taking. The idea i have at the moment is to shoot my fairly ridgid routine before i go to bed taking the veiwer from the moment i start to get ready to the moment when i finally do go to bed.  

~ by hmsteel on May 19, 2011.

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