“Nofound to new documents” review

When i visited the little shop of horrors, i also attended a photo exhibition while i was there. It was the first shop to hold the ‘Nofound to new documents” exhibition which was showing there between the 3rd of February to the 28th. The photographs in this gallery were taken by many different photographers to create a unique and very interesting exhibition. The idea of this exhibition was to show unedited, intimate and diary snapshot photographs from young and upcoming photographers. This whole exhibition idea was created by Emeric Glayse who scoured the internet to find photographs that he thought should be displayed to the public instead of just being left and lost on the internet. When he found a photograph he  like he contacted the photographer and asked if he could use there photograph in his exhibition. 

Its a very interesting exhibition because as the exhibition goes from place to place the photographs will always be changing. Every photograph is for sale so as that is sold another unique photograph we take its place which is pretty cool and different from any other exhibition i have attended before. 

Overall i think this is a very interesting little exhibition and knowing how it was created and where it is heading i think it is a very clever and unique idea. Most of the photos included i thought were very skilled and i really liked however some of them i thought, especially the intimate photos were a bit full on for me personally and i could not quite see how they could be classed as art over porn.

~ by hmsteel on May 18, 2011.

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