John Stezaker exhibition review

A while ago i visited an exhibition by John Stezaker at the white chapel gallery in london. His use of black and white film photos and old postcards are very eye catching and beautiful to look at. By adjusting, merging inverting and slicing he creates unique new and creative works of art. His work i would say is greatly influenced by the surrealism movement as he merges strange things together to create new photographs that are obviously unreal.

In his ‘masks” series for instance, he merges together postcards of natural and beautiful things like waterfalls, caves and caverns with portraits of very glamorous faces of men and women offering a kind of gateway into the minds of these beautiful people. Which i think is a very cleaver and unique idea. 

White chapels excellent exhibition is Stezakers first major career exhibition, however he has been creating and manipulating photographs and magazine covers over the past four decades. Overall i really enjoyed this exhibition because it showed how something very simple can create such unique and beautiful photographs

~ by hmsteel on May 18, 2011.

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