Final letter to myself


Well nearly a year ago you were asked to write a letter for yourself to read at around this time. Well here i am reading that letter and i am agin going to write another letter for you too read a bit further on in your future. But first i want to congratulate you on having such an EPIC first year because lets be honest we’ve had a blast! As you hoped a year ago i still hold a strong passion for photography like i did when i first started this year so i’m just going to presume that together we will always hold that passion for it.  

So last year you listed a few things that hopefully you had accomplished/ achieved in your first year to do with uni living. Well lets be honest why the hell did u set such hard things for yourself to do, you no i’m extremely lazy. So we still dont no how to cook (thank god for super noodles), we hardly went in the gym and instead of losing weight probably put it on because the extreme amounts of alcohol and crap we consumed and we still struggle to use a washing machine hence why all your clothes have shrunk about two sizes, so overall we haven’t changed much! 🙂 

However over this first year you have gained a lot more confidence in your own work and i think slowly we might be starting to gain your own style which is good. You produced some  projects that you were really proud of personally and you have gained lots more photographic techniques and understanding of the whole thing. Even though i still don’t have clue what and where i am heading in my future i am pretty contempt with just living in the moment right now! 

You have made some amazing mates this year which i’m pretty dam sure you will stay mates with them for a long time to come and you have definitly fucked up your liver but no worries mate, who cares about that now, just keep having an amazing time and please dont change much because rite now i think were preetty dam cooool! haha 🙂 

peace out homie!! 

~ by hmsteel on May 18, 2011.

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