Artefact work

Our brief was simple, to produce another piece of work informed by an extra curricular  activity. for example a poem, song, video ect. However this left me a bit stumped because rite now my whole life is basically living uni life up to the max. This means working hard but partying harder, which leaves very little time for having loads of hobbies apart from socializing and obviously the reason why i came to university- photography. So i decided to do my artifact on a photographic project. 

However as many of my peers no, when you think about a project to hard your mind goes blank, no ideas and no inspiration which is very disheartening. So i decided to go on picbod which is a free and open undergraduate course run by one of my photography tutors Jonathan Worth. On this site he sets tasks every so often which people are supposed to complete. So i decided to go on their and complete one of the tasks set. Which is where i found the guest task set by Elinor Carrucci, which i have decided to do for my artifact. 

~ by hmsteel on May 18, 2011.

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