Artificial lighting workshop

On monday i attended a artificial lighting workshop to help me develop my skills using artificial light. The main focus was too learn how to control all the different components such as iso, shutter speed and aperture along with using the lights to produce a photo which has controlled the lighting and has all 5 lighting zones which Ansel adams described about.

As the workshop progressed we were split into groups of three, from which we then had to go and produce a photo where we controlled the artificial light source correctly. As a group we decided to photograph a persons hands on a piano because the reflection which was being produced was really cool.

As a group we were fairly pleased with this final photo however the hands and the piano keys are way too bright and have lost all detail so if were to shoot this again we would definitly have to change this.

After this first photograph we were then told to control just the ambient light in the room. So for the second shot we decided to have a model pose by the window and control the ambient light coming in. We were much more pleased with this one.

We were particular pleased with this because we think we have got the exposure correct and we have got all 5 zones systems in this picture. Also the framing of this picture is really nice and makes t very eye catching.

Our final task was too was too control two different light sources in one photograph. One artificial light and one ambient light. Again we decided to shoot by the window to use the ambient light however we wanted to lower the tone of the photo to a more dark and moody feel to it. So we decided to shoot straight on at the window to gain a silhouette of out model, however we then placed the artificial light on the floor and using a reflector bounced the light up to fall on the underside of her face to create a half lit half dark side photograph. We were extremely happy with the final image we got.

Overall the class and workshop was extremely helpful to me because it gave me a better understanding on how to use and control the lighting to get the effects that i want to produce.

~ by hmsteel on May 17, 2011.

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