“Were Desperate” by Jim Jocoy review

“Were desperate” is a book of photographs of punks taken by Jim Jocoy. These photographs were taken in the late 70s in San Francisco. They show us the history of how the people acted back then, the places they hung out and the unique style of there fashion style back then. The great thing about this type of group of people to photograph was because back then what meant to be a punk was to be completely original, no uniforms or rules how to act so each photograph is uniquely different. Another thing i really like about the book is t gives a great insight into the clubs and hang out places were back then compared to how they are now a days. where else would you be able to see such a range of the places these people used to hand out? This era and style was very big in the 70s and now still has a massive effect on the fashion style around which is why at the beginning of the book a well known and celebrated designer- “Marc Jacobs” right about how this style has influenced him in the past.

~ by hmsteel on May 15, 2011.

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