Project Evaluation

My project evaluation

When i was first set this assignment i was a bit put off just because we had so much choice , with not really a clue in what direction to go in it was kind of a bit daunting. However i knew i wanted to challenge myself in using photoshop techniques so i decided to choose the art movement surrealism because i knew it would do exactly that.  I was still unsure of exactly what i wanted to do when it came to handing in our proposals but i chose to use the theme of flying as my surrealist input. I was 100% sure how you did this when i chose my idea but i worked through photoshop tutorial before hand which really helped me develop my skills for when i came to combing my final images. Im really glad i chose this because once i started practicing with different techniques my idea changed and evolved. I decided i wanted to do murder scenes with the ghosts leaving the body. I wanted to create quite a haunting effect to the photograph but at the same a mystical one of the ghost leaving the body which i think overall i have achieved quite well!

Overall i am fairly pleased with how my 4 photographs have come out, i believe i worked through my ideas and evolved and improved them the best i could. The only problem i had and would definitely change if i was to do this again was the print quality of the photographs. If i had the time and the money i would get them printed and professionally framed for i think this is where my pictures are a let down because the colours aren’t as crisp and properly correct as i would want them to be.

If i was too continue on with this project, i would expand from just using myself as a model. i would get friends and family along to help. I would create more murder scenes and more ghosts, creating a massive project. I think if i was to expand tis project and make it a long standing project of mine i would consider changing the way i would present them. I would probaly project them onto big wall spaces, so the photographs could be really large scale so lots of people could come and study them at one time.

~ by hmsteel on March 21, 2011.

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