DVD presentation research

DVD presentation- Michael faulcault “discipline and punishment”

Im basing my DVD presentation on a paragraph called Panopticism in Michael Faulcault book “discipline and punishment”. In this chapter he talks metaphorically about the way we are controlled by authority through the use of surveillance. In theory Panopticism is a circular building with a tower in the middle of it. Around this tower is row upon row of prison cells, allowing every single prisoner to be seen at any time from the tower. He makes the point of pointing out that the prisoners can see the tower at all times, with the constant thought of knowing that someone is always watching them! Resulting in good behavior at all times, even when someones not even in the tower.

Understanding this text prompts me to ask the  question of does your attitude and actions really change when you know/think you are being watched? Leading me on to base my DVD presentation on mass observation through the use of cctv!

There are a few photographers that i am going to research into because of there work on mass observation. The first is Andreas Gurskey and the second photographer is Edward Burstintkski

I will be also looking into how peoples attitudes and actions change when they definitely know they are being watched for example TV shows like im a celebrity get me outta here and big brother.

~ by hmsteel on March 13, 2011.

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