infra red

Over Christmas i wanted to experiment with different dark room techniques. For our last project we had been working in the darkroom and i wanted to carry this on at home. i first started researching photographers and was instantly attracted to Ansel adams photographs. As i read more about him and his photographs i realised he used the process of infra red photograph. Thats when i decided i was going to try and do infra red photography. As i red up on it i realised that it is hard to get the right exposure on the film so is to best to do three photographs of the thing you are photographing with the correct exposer, 1 stop under exposed and one stop over exposed. However the thing i found most difficult was developing the film in complete darkness because the film would get ruined even in red light. However i was quite pleased with the results i achieved. Here are a few of the photographs i produced. 

~ by hmsteel on January 26, 2011.

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