harry potter and the deathly hallows film review

Harry potter and the deathly hallows film review

The harry potter films have been captivating audiences off all ages since the first film in 2001. And by no means is the 7th film any different. The thing that made this 7th film stand out from the rest was that it was not set in the Hogwarts, which added a whole new, exciting level to the film. This film sees harry potter and his friends travel across the country searching for horcruxes, so they can finally defeat voldamort. To me this film seemed much darker and dangerous than the previous films, gone are the days when harry and his friends were young and running around Hogwarts away from giant spiders and three headed dogs, as now he and his friends face the true perils of adulthood.

There many bits in this film that have you gripping your seats, waiting for whats going to happen next.  One of these particular bits is when harry, Ron and Hermonie go into the ministry of magic to try and steal one the horcruxes. Its both tense and exciting to watch and this is what makes it so good.

Overall, i think this film has kept the reputation of the harry potter films firmly at the top. Dark, dangerous times are ahead for the trio and this makes it all worth the wait for the second part of the film to come out.

~ by hmsteel on January 26, 2011.

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