summer project

Throughout the summer holidays we were set a number of tasks to complete. One of these tasks was to photograph the things which people leave behind after them when they are gone. Most of the time the things people leave behind which make the people closest to them remember them are unintentionally left behind such as the dent left in the pillow where they have slept or the toothbrush left on the side of the sink ect. For this project i decided to photograph the things my family left behind, mainly focusing on my brother. At first i was a bit confused about this project. I didn’t really get the idea of focusing on little details which to any body else would look like a load of rubbish. But as i researched more into the photographers we were supposed to i began to understand more
how the small details can portray a lot about a person

The second task was to read the chapter “intimate life” in charlotte cottons book “the photograph as contemporary art”. One photographer which was included in this chapter was nan golding. Her work straight away stood out for me. I loved the intensity in her photographs. The way she manages to capture many emotions in just one photograph. The series which i like the most out of her work is Giles and Gotscho embracing paris”. Overall this chapter has showed me some amazing photographers who capture intimacy in their photographs and shown the many ways which intimacy can be captured.

The last task we had to complete was writing a letter to ourselves which we are supposed to read in one year.  We were given the article published by stephan fry which was a letter he wrote to himself. The letter was written amazingly and really gave an insight into his feelings, goals and life as a whole. This was the task i found the hardest because to be honest i didn’t really know what i wanted to achieve in my year and i always find it hard to talk about how i feel but i am fairly pleased with my final letter and will enjoy reading it next year.

~ by hmsteel on October 26, 2010.

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