letter to self in one year

dear future hazel…..

When you are reading this it will be September 2011, you will have managed to complete your first year at university, hopefully, AND you will be out of your teenage years (scary thought). I hope you can still feel the excitement that you felt when you got offered your place at university because i would hate to think that your first year has not gone well. I also hope that you still hold a passion for photography as you did a year ago!

There are many things that i hope you have experienced and done in your first year at university. The main one losing two stone!! Only joking. Hopefully you will have lost some weight though especially with free gym membership and no cooking skills at all. Although that brings me on to my next point- by now you will hopefully be able to cook for yourself, wash your clothes for yourself and generally be more grown up and be coping perfectly fine in the big wide world away from mum and dad. Because lets be honest a year ago you didn’t do much for yourself did you!

But moving on the main reason why you are actually at university- your photography degree! Im hoping you have taken full use of the equipment and facilities available to you to develop your skills. Listened to ALL the advice given to you and created some amazing projects that you are proud of. I want you to have more confidence in your work as well because a year ago i no you didn’t have that much confidence in it. I would also be pretty disappointed in you as well if you haven’t at least done a couple of projects in the dark room because i no even though it annoys the hell out of you when things go wrong you do actually like it. I know a year ago you didn’t really have a clue what direction you wanted to take in photography but i hope you do have sort of an idea now and i hope you have achieved good marks in all the projects you have done. Oh and i want you to have set up your own website because i want people to see the work you have produced.

I hope you have partied hard, made loads of new friends and have had a brilliant first year. Lived it up to the max in singer hall and joined in with everything. And i hope you are looking forward to your second year at coventry university!

from yourself a year ago!

~ by hmsteel on October 26, 2010.

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