Organising the opening night

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For the opening night there was a lot of confusion over what everybody wanted to do, however we decided to keep it fairly low key and simple in the end because as usual we had no money in the kitty to do anything over the top. At the beginning there was a lot of talk about getting some music to be played at the opening night however we soon changed our minds on that because a lot of people had videos, and having music would take away from their pieces of work because you would not be able to hear the audio.

The next hurdle we had to over come for the opening night was wether to supply drinks on the night or not. we wanted to because we wanted to create a happy vibe however we were not allowed to sell or have donations for the alcohol and seeing as money was short we decided to change this. One option we looked into was looking for a sponsor to supply the beverages for the evening however no companies were that interested and hardly any got back to us. So instead of this idea we decided to purchase a few bottles of champagne, orange and apple juice and just hand one drink per person as they walked through the door which worked out perfectly seeing as the SU came along and supplied a bar for visitors to visit if they wanted any more drinks.

One last bit that we organised was buying present for people that helped us out over the whole process of setting up including presents for the parents and the tutors

Overall the opening night was a big success and i believe everybody enjoyed themselves and enjoyed the photography.

Zena Holloway

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While researching into underwater photography i came across the photographer zena holloway who focuses mainly on editorial and advertisement underwater photography. Her photographs straight away caught my attention because they are so dream like and ethereal, which is the look i am trying to create in my own photographs. 

The use of the fabric she uses in her photographs also creates such stunning photographs, she always uses she bright a vibrant fabrics against the pale skin of the model in the water which creates a eye catching contrast.

Zena Holloway

Zena Holloway

Zena Holloway

The colours are really striking in these photographs especially in the first two photographs, and this is for me what makes them so eye catching. Having the black background in the first two as well really highlights the contast between the two colours making the colours look even more bright and vivid.

I think this links really well into my own work because its all about the movement of the model and the movement of the fabric to portray a certain message, which is what i am trying to achieve in my own work. Also the magical and dreamlike look of the photographs help me see what i could achieve in my own work.



Underwater Photography

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After talking to my tutor he suggested looking into the route of doing some underwater photography. So to get a better understanding of the equipment and processes of underwater photography i decided to do a little bit of research into it. To start of i thought i would watch a couple videos of an underwater shoot to see exactly what goes on

These are just a couple of videos that show how underwater photography is done and the results of the photographs. I would really love to try and do this because i think the final photographs are stunning. the dream like and mystical quality to them is beautiful and they are extremely eye catching. I could incorporate my project into underwater photography easily because it is all about movement so i think this would work really well.

The next steps are to try and find a place that will hire out the equipment for me to use and to try and find a pool where they will let me shoot in, preferably the pool will have skylights so i use the natural light coming in from the roof to light my photographs. Then if i get this sorted i will need to find some material which will float well in the pool and create colour and movement in the photographs.

Shoot with Alex

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So after a bit more research and the talk with my tutor i decided to do a practice shoot using one of my friends to practice the best lighting and techniques for my final photographs, so i have every thing sorted when it comes to shooting my final images of myself

Overall i think the shoot went really well, i used a different light set up from my previous shoot which brought a lot more warmth to the  photographs which i think looks really good. In photoshop i used the same techniques of lowering the saturation right down apart from the hair so you get a stark contrast which i really like, fixed the levals and curves and sharpened up the photographs.

Contact sheets….

contact sheet one

Contact sheet two

 These are the contact sheets from the shoot i did with alex, if time permitted i would have liked to shoot a lot more photographs however we were strapped for time and i think i got a good amount of images to work with in the time which i had.


A few final shots which i think came out the best……

Hazel Steel

Hazel Steel

Hazel Steel

Hazel Steel

Overall i think the shoot went really well and helped me work out my lighting and techniques which i am going to use when i shoot my finals. I really like the warmth that i have captured in these photographs which i think was lacking in my previous shoots so overall it was a good shoot.





Nick Knight

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While searching round for inspiration for my project i came a series of photographs that Nick Knight did for a magazine. Straight away they really captured my attention. The use of long exposures to capture the movement of the body was really interesting and produced a very ethereal feel to the photographs. I am not doing long exposures in my final images however i thought they really related to my own project because they were like looking into a very surreal and dreamlike moment in time where the emotions of the model are being expressed through the movement of her body.

Nick Knight

Nick Knight

Nick Knight

Above are a few of my favourite from the series he did. In my own project i am gong to try and create the same dream like ethereal feel that Nick Knight ha managed to capture in his. One other thing i particularly like about these photographs is the use of the different colours, it brings a real warmth to the photographs which mine at the moment are lacking so i will have to work on that i think.

Chat with Jonathan on project so far

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So lately i had a tutorial with my tutor to asses where i am and what stage my project is at. I showed him what i had done so far and he critiqued my work and helped me understand where i had to go next and how to improve my project. 

The main point that i really have to work which he made clear to me was really understanding “why i am doing this project?” what is the meaning behind my project? because at the moment its much to wishy washy, i haven’t got any clear direction i am going in and i really need to buckle down and myself fully understand my own work before i show it to other people.

When looking at the actual photographs there was a few things that really stood out which he liked…

On the photographs i have put a book around certain bits. These are the bits he really liked in the photographs. He though i should stick with how desaturated the photographs are apart from the hair because he said it makes it much more striking.

One route he suggested me going down was having a look at underwater photography, because i could stick with my theme of movement and bodies and create a much more surreal and dreamlike effect if they were shot under water. I really like the idea of shooting under water but this posses the risk of having a few problems. 1. finding a pool where they would let me shoot and 2. having access to an under water camera which will let me shoot high quality photographs. However i am going to have a look into it and see if it is possible for my project.

One other suggestion he had for me was just to get on and shoot a lot more photographs which i knew i had to get on with  anyway.

the garage studio

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Being back home in somerset for a couple of weeks presented me with a bit of a problem…i had no where to work. This is when i came up with the idea of changing my garage into a makeshift studio for a couple of weeks. After 2 days of cleaning out old rubbish i had a bare garage to work with. A quick dash to tesco’s provided me with my backdrops (2 black bed sheets) I sewed them together to create one massive black sheet which i then hung from the garage roof. backdrop and floor cover=DONE

Luckily for me our garage only has one window, so  that did not provide too much trouble when i came to covering that up. heavy duty bin bags lined on top of each other, duck taped over the window. light black out= DONE

Next came the pretty hard bit..the lighting. With some proper studio lights ordered and on their way i didn’t need to worry about the lighting i thought until i found out they would not be getting here till next week 😦 i needed to do some work. so my DIY skills came out again. armed with household lights (4 desk spot lamps with adjustably heads) i began setting up my lighting for the studio. Obviously this is not the ideal situation but it will have to be alright until my studio lights arrive. lights= DONE

Now for the photo shoot i plan to do…my project is all about the female body, body image, identity and emotion. how strength and power can be shown through the human body. the project is based on myself, how i use my body to express myself. throughout my work i have always been drawn to creating quit surreal and dream like photographs. I am going to stick with this theme as i enjoy doing it greatly however i want to create something extremely interesting, thats going to make people come over and properly look at my photographs, i want to shock and intrigue people at the same time.

That is why i have planned to photograph using different things as props. One idea that has got me extremely excited is using talcum powder in my shots, this would create the dream/ ghost like effect i am after. by photographing with a fast shutter speed i aim to capture my body whilst it is moving as a “moment int time” image. However to aid with this ghost like effect i am after i am going to increase the iso, to create a kind of grainy effect to the photographs so they also look kind of old as well.

quick sketch of what the makeshift studio looks like…..